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  • A small selection of our reviews by the UK press goes something like this:

    'A remarkable story' The Evening Standard

    'Warm-hearted and heart warming...' The Observer

    'Fezeka's Voice puts the X-Factor to shame in terms of musical heroism' The Times

    'Lovely' The Guardian

    'A documentary aimed at the heart' The Financial Times

  • Joining the ranks of Fezeka's growing number of supporters and friends comes none other than UK soul legend Mica Paris.

    She is as passionate as we are about getting Fezeka's Voice screened far and wide in communities all over the UK and we are thrilled to have such a talented and passionate lady join us. 

  • Message of support from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    Our desire to see Fezeka's Voice screened to high school students across South Africa has been given a real boost by a genuine letter of support from one of South Africa's greats:

    'Fezeka’s Voice needs to be shared with as wide an audience as possible. The power of mentorship, as demonstrated in this film, is extraordinary. I support the project whole-heartedly, congratulate Phumi on what he has achieved, against all odds...'

    To read Archbishop Tutu's full letter to South Africa's Department of Education as well as his personal message to attendees of Gugulethu's 50+ celebrations last October, please visit our Press section on the Resources page.



  • Fezeka's Voice now available to buy!

    By popular demand we've now released Fezeka's Voice on DVD

    We're shipping worldwide too so now it's easy to share Phumi's story and his phenomenal kids with friends and family wherever they may be.


Buy the DVD